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Working with animals has become an increasingly attractive job choice for many people. Some people begin working with animals at a very young age because they have an intuitive drive to care for animals, and for some, a passion can grow into a rewarding career. Others see working with animals as a gratifying job change that allows them to pursue a lifelong desire and passion.

Job opportunities in the animal care industry are in high demand. These positions can be found through online advertisements, veterinarian employment agencies, and our own employment hub.

We also recommend that students take their resumes to practises and animal care facilities, ensuring that they are well dressed and groomed. One of the best methods to make your resume stand out is to have dedicated to animal-related studies and volunteering in animal care facilities, which will demonstrate a desire and commitment to the welfare of animals.

A traineeship is a structured training and paid employment arrangement managed by a contract signed by the trainee, the employer and the government. Employers of trainees must organise time away from their regular duties for trainees to participate in scheduled training sessions and course work.
  • Provide appropriate job duties and tasks to supplement the students' instruction.
  • Provide a mentor who will advise, motivate, and inspire the student to get the most out of their education. A mentor should have the same (or higher) qualification as the one being studied.
  • That your employee is backed up by a dedicated team of industry-trained personnel.
  • Our course materials and delivery reflect the most recent and up-to-date information.
  • A variety of methods of learning are applied.
  • Communication with employers/mentors and students regularly about the student's development.
  • All practical components of the course being taught are assessed face to face.

Is it your dream to work with animals? Well, it can all start here!

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