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The Pet Certified Australia employment hub


Pet Certified Australia operates a dedicated Training and Employment Hub for the Australian pet industry. Our team are experts in recruiting and managing employees at all levels, from school-based trainees to trained veterinary nurses. We support both large and small employers in Australia's diverse Pet Industry, actively facilitating opportunities for individuals new to the industry through to qualified professionals who may be ready to make their next career move.

Our services

  • Refer your company to our existing candidate database and advertise your job vacancies.
  • Assist with the initial applicant meeting and arrange for the trainee's enrolment.
  • Provide that trainee with ongoing nationally recognised training until the course is completed.
  • Keep you informed of where you can go to learn more about the possible funds available to assist your business/new employee recruitment.
  • We can support you with navigating the process of obtaining government grants and subsidies for your company.
  • Provide employment advertising and marketing on your behalf to find qualified and eligible applicants in our Careers Hub.
  • Navigate the selection, recruiting and training processes for your new employee/trainee.
  • Give guidance on requirements/documentation and award coverage.
  • For the first twelve months or until the traineeship is finished (whichever comes first), provide ongoing training and guidance to your new employee. Provide ongoing support for your business to continue to grow your workforce utilising existing funding and support year after year through the implementation of a workforce development plan.

Our database

  • Qualified veterinary professionals
  • Pet groomers
  • Dog trainers
  • Pet store staff
  • Kennel & cattery personnel
  • Aquarium staff
  • Equestrian professionals

Pet Certified employers can now benefit from the government's boosting apprenticeships initiative.

There has never been a better time for business to take a new employee and start to develop their workforce for the future.

Our consultant specialises in sourcing suitable candidates, through our network of students and graduates and navigating all of the requirements required for your business to access this program.



Dog groomer doing haircuts to REd Hair Pomeranian

What Pet Certified Can Do For You

Finding, training and retaining suitable employees to join our team at best is challenging, not to mention the added complexity of navigating eligibility criterias. Pet Certified Australia is here to support your business through this process. We can do so by providing the following services;

  • Provide employment advertising and marketing on your behalf to identify appropriate and eligible candidates.
  • Send job openings to our network of students and potential employees.
  • Manage the recruitment, selection and training process for new workers and trainees.
  • Provide guidance on requirements, documentation and award coverage
  • Provide ongoing training and mentoring for employees for the first twelve months or until the traineeship is completed (whichever come first).
  • Ongoing assistance for your business to continue to build your staff using existing funding and support year on year through the execution of a workforce development plan.
To learn more, please register your interest with us and one of our experts will contact you regarding any questions you may have, as well as provide you with any further information.

Who We Are

Pet Certified Australia is the pet grooming training provider of choice. We are your grooming specialists in navigating employee recruitment and training for Australian pet groomer businesses, delivering nationally recognised courses and non-accredited training to all Animal Care Service businesses and employees in Queensland.

  • Practical hands-on courses
  • Get recognised and certified
  • On the job training and supports
  • Get qualified and recognised
  • Flexible payment options
  • Pet groomer specialist trainers


Get Recognised And Certified

Graduates of the programme are capable of providing exceptional animal care services as well as performing reception and "housekeeping" responsibilities. These duties require patience and genuine empathy for animals, as well as strong customer service skills and a high level of cleanliness and professionalism.

The course combines both online theory as well as face-to-face practical training.

We can help you with flexible payment plans that allow you to make smaller, periodic contributions as you advance through the course. Please, feel free to talk to our friendly staff.

Are you in need of an employee? Why not employ one of our trainees!

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