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Could 2023 be the Year You Start Working With Animals?

If you’ve ever dreamed of working with animals, 2023 could be your year! A career change is never an easy decision to make, but it can offer a fresh start and the chance to do something that brings you joy. In this blog post, we’re going to explore some of the ways you could make a career switch and get a job working with animals in 2023.

Animal caretaker/shelter worker

Working at an animal shelter or rescue organisation is extremely rewarding and allows you to directly help animals. These organisations have many different roles, from greeting visitors and answering questions to providing daily care for the animals in their care, such as cleaning cages, preparing food, administering medications, and providing enrichment activities. The responsibilities will differ depending on the size of the organisation, but the majority will require a strong commitment to animal welfare.

Veterinary technician/assistant

A veterinary technician or assistant works alongside veterinarians to provide medical care for sick or injured animals. They are responsible for preparing patients for examinations or treatments by taking vital signs such as temperature and pulse rate, as well as collecting laboratory specimens, restraining patients, taking X-rays, administering medication and performing minor medical procedures. To provide support and comfort to pet owners who are concerned about their pet’s health, veterinary technicians must have excellent communication skills.

Animal trainer/behaviourist

Animal trainers work with a variety of animals to teach them specific behaviours through positive reinforcement. They teach specialised behaviours for competition events such as agility trials or search-and-rescue operations in addition to basic commands such as sit and stay. Behaviourists are experts who study why animals behave the way they do to help modify their behaviour through environmental management or behaviour modification techniques. A bachelor’s degree in animal science or a related field, such as psychology or zoology, is typically required for animal trainers/behaviourists.

Where to start?

We recommend pursuing Certificate III in Animal Studies to gain the necessary skills and knowledge. Individuals interested in animal training and behaviour should start here. It is an entry-level qualification that will teach you the practical skills required to work with animals, such as providing basic care, reading animal body language and handling them safely. In addition, this course will teach you the fundamentals of animal behaviour and welfare – it is the perfect place to start to get a job that involves animals.

Making a career change can be scary, but it can also be extremely rewarding if it’s something you’re passionate about! If working with animals is your dream job, don’t put it off any longer; begin researching your options today so that 2023 can be your year!

Pet Certified Australia is passionate about pets and the people who care for them. Our mission is to educate, train and develop the modern workforce in the pet industry. Training and education are both a journey and a requirement for jobs with animals, contact our team today for more information on our courses and how we can best assist you on your journey towards your passion. 

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