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Jobs with Animals: What You Need to Do to Have a Career with Animals in Australia

Have you been considering a career with animals? As a society, we are becoming more aware of the importance of animals in our lives. More individuals are opting to have pets as part of their family, which has resulted in a rise in jobs that involve animals and caring for them.

Perhaps you have a soft spot for all creatures great and small or perhaps you simply want to work in a less stressful environment. If you wish to have a career with animals, there are a range of options available, including an animal caretaker, veterinary nurse and animal trainer, among others.

This blog article will go over the things to consider to fulfill your ambitions and get a job that involves animals.

The first step

There are many things to take into account when looking for a job with animals. The first step is deciding what kind of animal career you would like to pursue. Whether it’s working with land animals or marine animals, zoo animals or a job in a vet clinic looking after domestic animals. From there, it is important to research the qualifications and experience required for that specific field. For example, if you want to work with horses then you will need extensive knowledge in horse care and handling.

Think about volunteering first

The next step you might want to consider is getting your hands on some practical experience. This could mean volunteering at a local shelter to gain experience in animal care. It could mean working with animals for a local business or organisation to build up your work portfolio. For example, you could volunteer at an aquarium by helping divers feed the marine life. This will provide you firsthand experience of what has to be done daily, how much time it takes and whether a career with animals is something you definitely want to pursue.

Undertake the necessary study

If you’re ready to take the leap, you’ll almost certainly need some type of official training or education in order to work with animals. If your career goal includes working at a zoo, aquarium or wildlife park, for example, it could mean studying animal management and learning about zoology.

There are also many other jobs where intense levels of study aren’t necessary but a qualification in animal studies is highly beneficial. For instance, how to become a vet nurse is different from how to become a dog groomer, yet there are similarities in the qualifications pipeline. ACM30117 Certificate lll in Animal Studies is a perfect place to start to get started with just about any jobs working with animals, including vet nurses, dog groomers and animal carers.

Pet Certified Australia’s team is passionate about pets and the people who care for them. Our mission is to educate, train and develop the modern workforce in the pet industry. Training and education is a journey and a requirement for jobs with animals, contact our team today for more information on our vet nursing courses and how we can best assist you on your journey towards your passion. 

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